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Our Team


Amy Summer

Clinical Research Coordinator

Amy Summer


Amy Summer graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2016, where she studied medical anthropology and concentrated her coursework and research on global health and humanitarianism. She has conducted research on trauma care in community mental health centers in Philadelphia, malnutrition and anemia amongst migrant factory workers in Bangalore, India, and the politics of climate change along India’s coast.


She joined the PAIR Center in January, 2017 and has contributed to projects aiming to better understand how doctors can more effectively communicate upsetting information to patients, how patients make expectations when diagnosed with serious illnesses, and the ways that physicians utilize choice architecture in their conversations with patients.


Her research goals involve expanding the use of qualitative methods in the health field and using patients’ expressions of their lived experiences to shape a more patient-centered health system. Amy lives in Philadelphia and loves to bake and ferment different foods. She also enjoys hiking and farming.

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